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Self Portrait

Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
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Self Portrait

Self Portrait from photos

Self portraits are the oldest version of what we call a "selfie" It is a representation of the artist about himself. He can show his personality, thoughts, and mood freely, he can show how he perceives himself. The artists may use a mirror or their photograph to do the portrait. Self portraits can also be a convenient way to practice art because they are always available for themselves. Through self-portraits, artists can capture their essence and chart their progress. Your portrait becomes a mirror to you. You can look into your own eyes and see what you are. Now we have the option to make self portraits from the photos in New Zealand. Self portraits can give you a royal and classy look to your picture. Are you looking for a custom self portrait from a photo? Here we are to paint your memories and make them live forever.

How many times will you get a chance to alter an self portrait? Never! But with us, you can! When you order an self portrait out of a photograph, it comes as close to reality as possible. Our artists use Digital pen and tablets to create stunning paintings. Any number of revisions can be carried out with ease and a range of colour palettes can be created too. These customised self portraits are well appreciated as a home decor gift. Once we get an image from you, our artists will create your digitally hand-painted photo. Everything, right down to the detailed brush strokes. Our skilled team of professionals in New Zealand can get you a perfect self portrait from the photos you provide them.

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Once you have completed the checkout process, our caricature artists or portrait artists will create your masterpiece. Depending on the drawing time selected, you will be sent a watermarked first proof in 2-7 working days. If you are happy with the proof, you can confirm it by email or text. Or, if you wish for a change in the artwork, you can email us your change instructions, and we will rework accordingly and get back to you with revised proof. Please note that change instructions should not be beyond the scope of original instructions. However, you can include additional instructions or images at an extra cost.

Digital File - High quality 300 dpi, jpg file ready to print and send via email.
Framed Photo - High quality prints on photo paper with a gloss finish and it is in the black frame.
Gallery Wrapped Canvas - High quality canvas print wrapped around wooden stretcher bars, ready to hang.

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