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Gifterman Drawing Services

Hand drawn personalised caricature, digital paintings, pencil sketches, pop art & sepia prints


Caricatures from photos

Go for the unique photo gift! Caricatures, the fun-filled, cartoony versions of the model(s), are a different photo gift, executed in art, and last forever. Personalised and unique caricatures impress people like no other Photo gift does. Caricature bring out the character in a person, and all drawings include a body situation of your choice. Each caricature is unique and hand-drawn by experienced and award-winning caricature artists. You will be surprised to see the facial resemblance in our caricatures. Caricature Photo gifts are suitable for any occasion, be it a wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, retirement or just anything.

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Oil Paintings from photos

How many times will you get a chance to alter an oil painting? Never! But with us, you can! When you order an oil painting from a photo, it comes as close to reality as possible. Our oil paintings artists use digital pens and tablets to create stunning oil paintings. These customized oil paintings are well appreciated as a home décor gift. Everything, right down to the detailed brush strokes, will be visible in the image.

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Watercolour Paintings from photos

Our Watercolour architectural paintings are done by hand and make wonderful personalised photo gifts. These make for unique return or corporate photo gifts in the real estate world, and they are also perfect for housewarmings. Our architectural paintings are available in pen & ink shade as well.

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Pencil Sketches from photos

Adorn your walls with classic strokes. Our true-to-life pencil sketches fro photo capture special moments for the future. Be it people or pets, the hand-drawn strokes and hi-technology printing preserves the life that throbs in those photographs.

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Ink and Pen house sketches fro photos

Our Ink and pen house sketches are entirely done by hand, and make wonderful personalised photo gifts. These make for unique return gifts or corporate gifts in the real estate world. They are perfect for housewarmings as well.

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Andy Warhol Popart from photos

In pop art sketches, the artist utilities a range of digitally-created brush strokes and techniques to create a piece that is entirely one-of-a-kind. Our work is inspired by the contemporary art scene and by greats in the field like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. You can select any popart template for Colour/number of Panels, and you may write down your specifications on the order form itself.

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Sepia Portraits from photos

Our portrait artist painstakingly creates our Sepia Portraits with graphite pencils. This image is scanned in high resolution, and we have professional portrait artists who will personally create these masterpieces. Available in standard black and white pencil tone too.

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