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Caricatures from photos

Caricatures - Kids cartoon for their birthday gifts from photos

Turn your kid's photos into beautiful caricature drawings a creative and adorable way to cherish the memories. Including their hobbies, interests, and attitudes as well as their likeness. You will be surprised to see the facial resemblance in our Caricatures.


Astronaut kids caricature
-50 %
Artist: GiftermanD Code: GM158
Astronaut kids caricature hand drawn from photosAstronaut caricatures by Gifterman, You can make Astronaut caricatures from your kid's photo. Sent him into space for a dream journey! This cute caricature makes a great gift for a boy who loves adventures, we bring out the character in a person and ma..
$49.50 $99.00
Custom made caricature
Hot-50 %
Artist: GiftermanD Code: GM999
Go for the unique gift! Caricatures, the fun filled, cartoony versions of the model(s), are a different gift, executed in the Art, and lasts forever. Personalised and unique, Caricatures impress people like no other gift does. For, they bring out the character in a person, and all drawings include a..
$64.50 $129.00
Light buzz year kids cartoon
New-50 %
Artist: GiftermanD Code: GM153
Light buzz year kids cartoon hand drawn from photosBuzz Lightyear is a fictional character in the Toy Story franchise. He is a toy space ranger hero according to the movies and action figure in the Toy Story franchise, we bring out the character in a person and matches to the Light Buzz Year caricat..
$49.50 $99.00
Mowgli kids drawing
New-50 %
Artist: GiftermanD Code: GM154
Mowgli kids drawing from photosMowgli is a fictional character and the protagonist of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book stories, we bring out the character in a person and matches to the Mowgli caricature theme. Each caricature is unique and hand drawn by experienced and award winning cari..
$49.50 $99.00
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