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Group Caricatures

Caricatures from photos

Caricatures - Group caricature of large groups from photos

Group caricatures include many people in any setting desired. They make a great gift for your wedding party, a large family, and are also very popular for businesses, often used in marketing materials. We can draw as many people as you need in a group caricature. You are only limited by your imagination. You will be surprised to see the facial resemblance in our Caricatures.


Custom made caricature
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Artist: GiftermanD Code: GM999
Go for the unique gift! Caricatures, the fun filled, cartoony versions of the model(s), are a different gift, executed in the Art, and lasts forever. Personalised and unique, Caricatures impress people like no other gift does. For, they bring out the character in a person, and all drawings include a..
$64.50 $129.00
Fantastic four family caricature
-50 %
Artist: GiftermanD Code: GM116
Fantastic four family caricature from photosFantastic Four is a 2015 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team, we bring out the characters of the couple and matches to the Fantastic Four Family caricature theme. Each caricature is unique and hand drawn by experienc..
$183.00 $366.00
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