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Custom Caricatures New Zealand

Caricatures from photos are unique and personalised gift ideas

The caricature is a drawing style, where the person’s characteristic traits are exaggerated, mostly to get a comic effect. They were drawn using charcoal, pencil, sketches, or paints in ancient times. Caricatures are a form of satire and entertainment. You may have seen caricatures of celebrities and public figures, emphasising their physical features with big heads and small bodies as a form of complimenting or ridiculing them. Cartoons and caricatures are two different art forms. Caricatures are drawings of an actual person or a portrait in cartoon style with more attention to detail. But cartoons are just fictional characters or animals or landscapes that may or may not generate humour. It is visible when you watch cartoons, comic books, and anime. If you are thinking about giving something unique to your friends, family, or colleagues, you have the option to turn your lifeless photographs into caricatures. They impress people like no other gifts because you can give them a good laugh through caricatures. All you need is to have a good photograph that provides essential details, including your face, upper body, or whole body. Or you can make your caricature and keep it as wall decor for your bedroom or living room. It may look fun and vibrant. If the person has any striking features like a wide nose or eyes, the caricature artists can exaggerate it. The funniest part is that they should still be recognisable even if the features are exaggerated. And that can be called a successful caricature. 

Once you go for a caricature style, you can easily customise it. You have the option to get it in black and white, or colours. You can choose any caricature theme if you want to. As the wedding seasons are around the corner, why not make the wedding caricature invitations. Or you can give a couple caricatures to newlyweds. They are truly unique gift ideas instead of chocolates and bouquets. Having a whole family caricature would be so fun. You can frame and keep it in your living room. It can bring you laughter and also cherish your memories. You would feel ridiculous and happy by seeing your caricature. They can bring positive vibes to your home. By the way, the caricatures are not limited to human beings, you can get caricatures of your pets. Whether it’s a dog, cat, or a horse, you can have the fun-filled cartoony versions of your pets. They may look cute on your wall. Caricatures and cartoons were popular in earlier years. Caricatures were used to ridicule celebrities and famous people. They remain popular today and are used in magazines and newspapers to make fun of others. And nowadays, you have the option for digital caricature here in New Zealand. 

Go for unique artworks, like caricatures. Handmade caricatures will always have a unique position among all other paintings. Have a sneak peek inside our page for more caricature ideas and caricature drawing styles. You will get a hilarious and special photo gift in no time.