Pet portraits

Pets are not just animals, and they are part of your family. They live with you and love you more than anyone else. Humans usually click pictures and make portraits as gifts or hang them on the wall, mostly to value as an everlasting memory. Then why not make pet portraits. You can make your pet portraits of any animal, from fishes to horses. You can customise your pet portrait with the help of a perfect photo. The pet portrait is a pictorial representation of a figure, usually showing the face, head, and shoulders. It is a very old art form, and it can be in any medium and any size. They are often done in watercolour, pencil, oil painting, and so on. To have a perfect pet portrait, you should give the artists a perfect photo or a drawn animal picture. With a perfect photo, the pet portrait can capture the personality. To avoid blurring, you should make your pet stay still and take a photo where there is natural light. And remember to take the photo from the level of your pet, it should include the face, eyes, ears, and neck. 

Other than pet portraits, there are pet cartoon drawings, a pictorial representation of someone in which distinguishing features are exaggerated or would have a comic effect. 

Dog portraits

Most people have dogs as a pet because they are so loving and loyal. They show their affection by wagging their tail and licks. Also, dogs can read our emotions and have more understanding than human beings. They can be a guard for our home, a loving member of a family, and a friend to your kids. German Shepherds are famous for their intelligence and hardworking nature. They are often used as guides to detect explosives. They are so elegant with their long pointed ears and bushy tails. The dog portrait of the German Shepherd gives a royal look to your wall. Their close-up face will be more than enough to make a good dog portrait. Bulldogs are small and can form strong bonds with children. With their small folded face, they look adorable. There are French bulldog, British bulldog, and American bulldog, which are quite similar in appearance. Bulldog portraits can be adorable. They make cute wall decor in your home. You can see how detailed the dog portrait is by the folding on their faces. 

When it comes to cartoon drawings, you can add details to them. They may not seem real as a dog portrait, but dog cartoon drawings can bring cute and comic effects. Pomeranian and Pugs are energetic and playful dogs. Pomeranians are like a ball of fur and can be found in many shades. Pugs are so small and have a weird bark which makes them so adorable. 

Cat portraits

Cats are flexible. They are known as easy pets with their peaceful nature and low maintenance. They are born to be a good model for cat portraits and cat cartoon drawings with their “I don’t care “ attitude, making them even more adorable. Cat portrait would probably put an attitude and take pride of place on the wall.

Horse portraits

Horses can be a great pet for people who love horse riding and outdoor activities. And you cannot keep them like dogs and cats, they should be well maintained. From fighting in the battle to being a loyal companion, horses have shown their bravery and worth. With their long legs and ponytail, horse portraits can bring royalty to your home. It is said that horses are a symbol of success.