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Custom Pencil Sketches from Photos

Can’t manage to find the practical and amazing gift for your art lover friend, partner, boss, colleague, or sibling? Are you on a hunt for some purely artistic gift to make them jump with joy? Are you confused about choosing items that they would cherish to receive as a gift, being an artist? Well, here is a simple tip. Choose the stuff which would cheer them up as artists and helps them take their creative passion further in their lives. So, for your ease, here we provide you one of the best must-have gifts for artist friends- the personalised pencil sketches. We bet that they are going to love it and thank you later for the beautiful gift. It is undeniable that a gift with a personal touch in it is way more beautiful than the generic ones. For making loved ones feel more valued, you always put extra effort to gift them something special. It is an awesome idea to gift handmade custom pencil sketches to your loved ones. They will surely appreciate the effort, and their heart will melt with love. Personalized sketches and pencil sketch art are the best depictions of love, affection, and effort. The thoughtfulness of the warm gesture will make them fall in love with it.

Gifterman offers both beautifully hand-drawn pencil sketch from photos and Ink and pen house sketch from photos with a touch of personalization as per the client’s requirements. Get it done on a coffee mug for a loved one, or you can have it as a printed canvas or via email as a digital file. Whatever is feasible for you. Send us the picture of your choice, and let our professional team do the rest for you. 


Ink and pen house sketchInk and pen house sketch
Artist: GiftermanD Code: Ink and Pen
Ink and pen house sketch from photosPen & ink portraits are one-of-a-kind works of art created from your photos we specialize in creating black and white drawings of homes, houses and churches...
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Artist: GiftermanD Code: Pencil Sketches
Hand drawn pencil sketch from photosAdorn your walls with classic strokes. Our true-to-life pencil portraits capture special moments for the future. Be it people or pets, the hand drawn strokes and hi-technology printing preserves the life that throbs in those photographs...
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