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Custom Portraits New Zealand

Personalised Digital Portraits

Portraits are artistic representations of people, animals, or things. It can be a photo, a painting, or a sculpture, where the subject's front part of the face will be prominent. People use portraits as wall decors or to memorialise an image of someone for the future. Some portraits are created to create art to show their power, wealth, and virtue. Portraits are a great way to gift someone. As an art, portraits can tell stories through the depicted expression, colours, and personality. Before the invention of cameras and photography, a drawn portrait was the only way to capture a person's appearance. Now a painted portrait is seen as a luxury. We all are convenient in clicking pictures, but it is a fact that portraits are more memorable than mere photographs. But now you can turn your photos into digital portraits.

Custom Oil Portraits from photos

In ancient times, portraits of women were considered as a symbol of beauty and modesty. Artists played a significant role in depicting femininity through nude art, and the way the body is portrayed wants to deliver a message. Likewise, the Portraits of men are used to show power and status. Many great leaders, soldiers who fought in the battle, martyrs, and kings are celebrated through portraits. Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" is probably the most famous portrait in the world. Artists have experimented with many kinds of portraits from time to time. From black and white charcoal portraits to colourful oil paintings, we have a massive variety of portraits available. The different mediums of art are oil painting, watercolours, acrylic paints, graphite, and pastels. Art often has hidden meaning when it comes to colours. Each colour gives a different perspective. Artists have different perspectives. They are good at the imagination and innovative ideas. Portraits can be realistic, abstract, or representational. Portraits can tell a person's story through the artist's choice of material, colour, body language, facial expression. And they all come in different sizes. The canvas itself can be larger than the person. It shows royalty.

Visit our custom portraits to see which type of artwork is perfect for you. We are here to provide you with the best service. Furnish your walls and gift your loved ones in an extra special way. Just choose your portrait style, place the order and upload the photo. Turn your lifeless digital photos into works of art.

Personalised Portraits New Zealand
Personalised Portraits New Zealand
Personalised family Portraits New Zealand

Gifterman draws Custom Self Portraits from photos

Self-portraits are the oldest version of what we call a "selfie" It is a representation of the artist about himself. He can show his personality, thoughts, and mood freely, he can show how he perceives himself. The artists may use a mirror or their photograph to do the portrait. Self portraits can also be a convenient way to practice art because they are always available for themselves. Through self-portraits, artists can capture their essence and chart their progress. Your portrait becomes a mirror to you. You can look into your own eyes and see what you are. Now we have the option to make self portraits from the photos in New Zealand. Self portraits can give you a royal and classy look to your picture. Are you looking for a custom portrait painting from a photo? Here we are to paint your memories and make them live forever.

Pencil portrait New Zealand
Pencil portrait New Zealand

Pencil Portraits

Having portraits of you and your family on walls is a way of immortalising and representing your legacy. It symbolizes inheritance, history, childhood, parenting, kinship, wedding, festivals, and home. It can give you the connection to the past and helps to cherish the memories for coming generations. In ancient times, it was a culture for the royal family to have family portraits. They were huge with more family members. Now also people are interested in cherishing family portraits. The whole family can dress up uniformly on occasions like Christmas to make it more interesting. Family portraits can bring your family together.

Pencil Sketches

Unlike portraits, sketches are rapidly done freehand, rough drawings, they are not detailed as a portrait. Sketches can be done by ink, pencil, colour pencil, charcoal, or by simple brushes. Sketches can be considered as an art that might make in preparation for a painting or portrait. You can do rough sketches of people, pets, comics, cartoons from actual photos and paintings. They may not look as natural as a photograph or a portrait. But they help to convey ideas, illustrate ideas with a lot of information. You can draw your home, car, pets, dragon, or elephant through sketches with just penetrating strokes. Can draw Sketches on the spot or from a photograph or even from a portrait. You can give shades to make it more realistic, and it can be drawn quickly and create fantastic art. A single pencil can produce a realistic looking image with the skills of shading. You can turn your digital photographs into perfect pencil sketches on gifterman.

Pet portraits

Pets are also like a family. Many of them are celebrating their presence through portraits. Whether it's a dog, cat, horse, or bird, they can be framed and gifted to your loved ones. Pet portraits are a great way to cherish your memories of pets. If you are fond of pets, Gifterman offers a wide variety of pet portrait options to customise a photo of your pet into Personalised Pet Portrait. All you need is a good photo of your pets, and you can customise the drawing style by selecting the options of Oil Painting, Pencil Portrait, Sepia Portrait and Watercolour Painting. You can also customise them into Framed photos, Printed Canvas, or even a digital file sent via email. Our Pet Portraits are the ideal and ultimate gift, just as it is Gifterman's custom! Cherish your pets with our personalised pet portraits. It can be a great way to show how much you love them and to memorialise them.

Andy Warhol Popart Portrait

Pop Art is a style of modern art that began in the 1950s. They use bright colours and imitate the methods and themes of popular culture like anonymous, comic strips, everyday life, household objects, images of celebrities to challenge the traditional notions of art. Pop artists tried to attempt to bring reality through art. They did images that anybody could recognize from the usual art by using bright and vibrant colours to reflect the popular culture. And they were able to bring straightforwardness to their work, using contemporary mass culture, consumer symbols, random objects, and vibrant colours. Pop artists always opted for realism, everyday imagery, irony, and wit. With the bright colours, recognizable imagery, and methods used, Pop art was attractive and entertaining. Most people use pop art styles to decorate their walls, make posters, or sometimes make portraits of animals. They are also recreating the art through the digital canvas. It can give a unique style to your art.

Andy Warhol is an American artist who is considered one of the most renowned artists in the category of Pop art. Campbell’s Soup Cans canvas is famous for its unique style, where multiple cans are aligned linearly, just like a grocery store shelf. Each can which is in a different flavour, is hand-painted uniformly. Similar to this piece, the Marilyn diptych is a portrait depicting Marilyn Monroe’s image displayed in collages where the half portion is in colour, and the other half is in black and white. Roy Lichtenstein was also an American artist who has been a significant member of the pop art movement. His Whaam is one of his known works of pop art. It is considered a modern version of battle paintings, picturing violence of the Cold War in a satirical way. A comic strip from Dc comics inspired this. And he often used art from comics and advertisements.

Want to make your walls more vibrant? Gifterman can make customised pop art. Cover your walls with trending designs of pop art. Make your life more vibrant.

Personalised Popart New Zealand
Personalised Popart New Zealand