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Painting is the art of splashing colours. The colours can be in different forms like watercolour painting, oil painting or dry form of pastels. The painting can be done on any surface, like canvas, paper, wood and so on. There are no limits to creativity. People can express their ideas and emotions through colours. Each colour has a hidden meaning when it comes to art. Sometimes people express their feelings through painting, some do it to give to others. In ancient times, the painting was the only way to capture you. Now we have photographs. When we think of this digital era, where everything is computerised, digitial hand-painted artworks can be a unique thing to keep. The most famous and preferred type of painting is Oil Painting. In ancient times, colours are mixed with drying oils. It gives the artwork a special glazing and smooth texture. They are known for their flexibility and depth of colour, and they can be applied in different intensities. Oil painting takes more time to dry, and hence it may take more time to complete the works. Can do Portraits with oil painting. It can give you a classic and antique touch. With oil painting, the portrait would look more realistic. They have special glazing, just like a photograph. In earlier times, people used to make huge oil painting portraits of kings, queens, and martyrs to respect them. Nowadays, people use it as wall decor or gift them to their loved ones. Most of them are done on a canvas. You can frame them according to your convenience. And huge size portraits can give a royal look.

You can convert your favourite photographs of family, friends, and pets into oil painting portraits. You can decorate your wall with landscape portraits and abstract paintings. It can also be the best-personalised gift that you can give to your loved ones. Abstract paintings are unique in the category of painting. There are no rules and regulations for abstract art. Just like the name, it does not represent actual virtual reality. At a glance, you could see just shapes, forms, and splashing of colours. The idea of abstract painting is to communicate with the viewers in an attempt to understand reality. Abstract paintings have implicit meanings, and the interpretation is up to the viewers. They may not seem realistic but would give a modern touch when it’s hung on the wall. Landscape art with oil painting can be an elegant work. It depicts natural scenery, like mountains, rivers, flowers, sunset and so on. If you are a nature lover, you can gaze at the beautiful scenery from your home. If you have a favourite place or a landscape picture, they can paint them realistically, either from a photograph or in the open air. And they can be a luxurious wall decor to your home.

Watercolour paintings are common and more convenient to use. Like the name itself suggests, In ancient times, it uses a water-based solution to mix the colours. You can mix the colours with different intensities with the help of water. This type of paint is known for its transparency, ease of use, and dry much faster. Watercolours can give a matte effect, unlike glossy oil painting. We have a wide variety of clean and accurate watercolour paintings. And they are not just a picture, you can customise watercolour portraits from your favourite photographs of your pets, family or friends. Painting a portrait in watercolour can give you amazing results. If you are looking for simple portraits or landscape paintings, they can also be done with watercolour. A painting of a simple flower can be cute and beautiful on your wall. Or you can decorate your shelf with multiple frames of watercolour pictures.

Gifterman offers a beautiful range of customized digital oil and watercolour paintings online that are hand-drawn from photos. Whether it’s breathtaking scenery, a cute family picture, a picture of your adorable pet, or a lovely couple picture, or whatever you want, all you have to do is choose the best one and upload it. Provide us with the additional requirements, if any. You have the option to get it done as a printed canvas, on a coffee mug, digital file via email, or a framed photo. The choice is all yours. Our professional painting artists create paintings that are absolutely majestic artwork that you will cherish forever. A perfect option for a personalised gift, wall art paintings, portrait painting, and whatnot. Make the special moments everlasting with the” Gifterman paintings.”


Digital oil paintingDigital oil painting
Artist: GiftermanD Code: Oil Painting
Digital oil painting hand drawn from photosGifterman NZ offers a beautiful range of customized digital oil paintings that are hand drawn from photos. Whether it’s breathtaking scenery, a cute family picture, a picture of your adorable pet, or a lovely couple picture, or whatever you want, all you ha..
Digital water colour paintingDigital water colour painting
Artist: GiftermanD Code: Water Colour Paintings
Digital water colour painting hand drawn from photosThe best gift one can ever receive! Of course, it’s an art piece! That is the magical power of art. It can, indeed, bring out the best in you! When it comes to paintings specifically, they enable to share a special bond of creativity and closeness ..
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