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Couple with Dog Portrait

Gifterman offers a beautiful range of Couple with Dog Portrait that are hand-drawn from photos. Whether it?s breathtaking scenery, a cute family picture, a picture of your adorable pet, or a lovely couple picture, or whatever you want, all you have to do is choose the best one and upload it. Provide us with the additional requirements, if any. You have the option to get it done as a printed canvas, on a coffee mug, digital file via email, or a framed photo. The choice is all yours. Our professional drawing artists create Couple with Dog Portrait that are absolutely majestic artwork that you will cherish forever. A perfect option for a personalised photo gift, wall art paintings, portrait painting, and whatnot. Make the special moments everlasting with Gifterman Drawings.
Andy Warhol - Pop art portraits
-50 %
Artist: GiftermanD Code: Pet Style
Andy Warhol portraits hand drawn from photosAndy Warhol’s artistic expression has always been taking the world of contemporary arts by storm. Undeniably, Warhol was not only a visual artist but a cultural pioneer. Urged by the inspiration to celebrate Warhol’s legacy, Gifterman offers pop art portra..
$49.50 $99.00
Couple PortraitsCouple Portraits
Artist: GiftermanD Code: Couple Portrait
Hand drawn couple portrait from photosHaving couple portraits of you and your partner on walls is a way of immortalising and representing your legacy. It symbolizes kinship, wedding, festivals, and home. Gifterman New Zealand can draw a couple portrait from individual photos to single portraits. Ado..
Pencil PortraitsPencil Portraits
Artist: GiftermanD Code: Pencil Portrait
Hand drawn pencil portrait from photosAdorn your walls with classic strokes. Our true-to-life pencil portraits capture special moments for the future. Be it people or pets, the hand drawn strokes and hi-technology printing preserves the life that throbs in those photographs. Having pencil portr..
Self PortraitSelf Portrait
Artist: GiftermanD Code: Self Portrait
Self Portrait from photosSelf portraits are the oldest version of what we call a "selfie" It is a representation of the artist about himself. He can show his personality, thoughts, and mood freely, he can show how he perceives himself. The artists may use a mirror or their photograph to do the portr..
Sepia PortraitsSepia Portraits
Artist: GiftermanD Code: Sepia Portraits
Hand drawn sepia portraits from photosSepia portraits is a reddish-brown colour associated particularly with monochrome photographs of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Gifterman New Zealand custom true-to-life sepia portraits capture special moments for the future. Our skilled team of pr..
Warhol - Pop art portraits - Classic style
New-50 %
Artist: GiftermanD Code: Classic Style
Warhol portraits hand drawn from photosWarhol Popart Classic Style, In pop art, the artist utilises a range of digitally-created brush strokes and techniques to create a piece that is completely one-of-a-kind. Our work is inspired by the contemporary art scene and by greats in the field like Andy Wa..
$49.50 $99.00
Cartoon Portrait
Artist: GiftermanD Code: GM999
Hand Drawn Cartoon portraits from photosCartoons are drawings of an actual person or a portrait in cartoon style with more attention to detail. Cartoons are just fictional characters, animals, or even landscapes that may or may not generate humor. It is visible when you watch cartoons, comic books, ..
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