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Family in vintage car caricature

Family in vintage car caricature
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Family in vintage car caricature

Family in vintage car caricature from photos

A family shares a lovely bond that we cherish every day. Every day is a special day when family members are together celebrating closeness, warmth, love, and affection. We all have love for our family deeply rooted in our hearts but how to express it in the most adorable way? Gifterman has got a brilliant idea for you to cherish your family bond with your beloveds every day with its Family in vintage car caricature. Get it done on the medium of your choice. O a coffee mug or in the framed form, a printed canvas or a digital file, you have all the options!

Family in vintage car on country road, we bring out the characters of the couple and matches to the Family in Vintage Car caricature theme. Each caricature is unique and hand drawn by experienced and award winning caricaturists. You are only limited by your imagination. You will be surprised to see the facial resemblance in our caricatures. Caricature gifts are suitable for any occasion; be it a wedding, B’day, Anniversary, retirement or just any thing. Go for the unique gift! Caricatures, the fun filled, cartoony versions of the model(s), are a different gift, executed in the art, and lasts forever. Personalized and unique, Caricatures impress people like no other gift does.

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Once you have completed the checkout process, our caricature artists or portrait artists will create your masterpiece. Depending on the drawing time selected, you will be sent a watermarked first proof in 2-7 working days. If you are happy with the proof, you can confirm it by email or text. Or, if you wish for a change in the artwork, you can email us your change instructions, and we will rework accordingly and get back to you with revised proof. Please note that change instructions should not be beyond the scope of original instructions. However, you can include additional instructions or images at an extra cost.

Digital File - High quality 300 dpi, jpg file ready to print and send via email.
Framed Photo - High quality prints on photo paper with a gloss finish and it is in the black frame.
Gallery Wrapped Canvas - High quality canvas print wrapped around wooden stretcher bars, ready to hang.

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