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Gifterman draw's complete one of a kind gift from your photos!!!

Gifterman is the right choice to help you out in choosing gifts. Be it Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Retirements, Farewells or even Appreciation gifts for your family, friend, boss or co worker - gift a customized hand drawn personalized caricature from Gifterman! You really need not worry about your art gifts when Gifterman is right around the corner. We are a team with a 10+ experience on caricature, digital paintings and sketches, Warhol and Sepia portraits. We deliver specifically cartoon versions which are fun-filled and looks perfectly amazing. Our paintings are the ideal and ultimate gift, just as it is Gifterman’s custom!

Themed Caricatures

Choose from our range of caricature templates to personalize an image. Send us an image and we will work on giving you the closest resemblance possible and work on revisions till you are completely happy. Caricature arts are now a trending style, especially for gifting. Our Caricatures are drawn with many themes!

Hand drawn personalised caricature, digital paintings, pencil sketches, pop art and sepia prints

Personalized paintings are the combined form of art and digital technology, hand painted with visible brush strokes and oil effects. Digital portrait paintings should help to get multiple copies of the portrait with less cost. pencil sketches adorn your walls with classic strokes. It captures special moments for the future as well as this type of hand drawn strokes preserve the life that throbs in those photographs. Gifterman personalised art gifts are truly unique and one of a kind just made for you.

Art Creation at Gifterman Studio

Artist creating caricature face using digital media see how close is the resemblance. Adorn your walls or gift someone you love, real masterpieces. Our true-to-life artworks capture special moments for the future. Be it people or pets, the hand drawn strokes and hi-technology printing preserves the life that throbs in those photographs.

The hub for quality hand drawn photo gifts, personalised caricature cartoons

Caricature combining your style and choice to art. Try out the "cartoony" version of your model! Caricatures are the perfect paintings for personalized gifts as they bring out the amazing facial resemblance. Tell your giftee how you think about him/her. Our skilled, experienced and award winning caricaturists are right at your service to deliver your exact choice. Each painting will be done by hand and then digitally enhanced.